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92% of our patients get better without surgery

Trinity Spine Center has many years of experience helping people just like you increase their quality of life!

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Stem Cell Patient

Stem Cell Patient

Patient Testimonials

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Written Testimonials

We provide back pain relief to all

"After 6 months, I feel 100% better than I did when I walked in. I can mow the lawn, I can do the laundry, I can go to work, I have 9 out of 10 good days instead of 9 out of 10 bad days and I feel amazing. I mean, I cannot stress enough how successful this has been for myself. I had facet joint arthritis, and that was the first part of the treatment. I now have a Band-Aid on because I had such a positive response from that, and I was willing to go and do the discs. So now, we are treating my degenerative disc disease in hopes that we can do and be as successful as we have been with facet joint arthritis. I had done so much research on all of this and I just felt like they at Trinity Stem Cell Institute were the best fit for me because they wanted what was best for me." – Patient 1

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“The pain I was experiencing actually started in my lower back, and it traveled down my leg and my toes were tingling and then it traveled up my spine and gave me a lot of migraines. So I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of muscle spasms. But after the procedure, it was like no pain at all. I started feeling relief pretty much the day of the procedure. It was like the pain was not going down my leg, and it was not traveling up my spine, and I was not having muscle spasms, so it was a miracle. It is not a hard procedure; it is very simple. So it is a two-day procedure, 15 minutes each I would say and then you are up and running and your body is repairing itself. I feel great, and I only had it done a month ago.”

– Patient 2

“I’m so thankful like there are no words to express. Prior to the surgery, everything I did was how many steps did I need to take to get there. If I needed a loaf of bread, I would stop at 7-Eleven instead of the grocery store. I could barely take a shower, couldn’t bathe my kids. They always tell you when your back hurts to lose weight, do this, but I can’t move, I can’t do anything. So, getting the procedure and actually, you know, with the hopes of the re-injecting of the stem cells to regenerate my disc and not have to have another procedure, was just completely life altering. If I knew a year ago what I knew before I did the procedure, I would have done it so much sooner, begged for it. You know, so much sooner because the difference in just the quality of being able to move and have your life back basically is, there is nothing that can, there are no words. So I would tell them to get up and go get it. Go get it, run, don’t walk, run.” – Patient 3

“I was fortunate enough to come to the Trinity Stem Cell Institute by a doctor referral from Tampa, who really thought that a fusion or that type of invasive surgery wasn’t for me. I was experiencing low back, lumbar area, back pain, stabbing pain pretty much all day every day. My experience with the Trinity Stem Cell Institute has been wonderful. Dr. Siddiqi has been so great in helping me try to figure out and pinpoint exactly what is going on with my pain and my low back. And at times, you feel crazy because pain is not something you can see, but he takes the time to talk to you and in all of the sea of orthopedic surgeons that are out there and the many that I have been to, none of them speak to you and have looked at me in the eye and just explained everything and really been as concerned as he has been. So I had an MRI, and it showed really dramatically that my disc was repairing, and I had one at the 6-month mark and you know, it’s really pretty much almost back to the normal curvature and without a tear. This is the better way, the healthier way, for more longevity for people, and just more fullness of life. Because if your body can repair itself, you don’t need that metal in your body or the disc replacement or artificial part. If your body can do it for you, then why not.” – Patient 4


Video Testimonials

Stem Cell Patient

Stem Cell Patient

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