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92% of our patients get better without surgery

Helping you feel better sooner

Lasting comfort and health improvement are very important after a procedure- that's why we put such high stock in making sure you feel as good as you can after your visit. We work very hard to fix problems without surgery, but when it is necessary, we provide the best care possible!


Robert T. has been having back pain since October 2010. He went to another clinic in town who recommended him to go to the Trinity Spine Center. Since he has been receiving treatment at the Trinity Spine Center, he has been able to do all of his daily tasks again whereas before he had difficulty with activities around the house. Robert noticed he had a pinched nerve in his back when he started to experience numbness in his right leg in October 2011 and at one time his right leg actually collapsed when he was bending over. As part of Robert's Rehab Program here at the Trinity Spine Center, he received Decompression Therapy and Lumbar CORE Exercises in addition to Physical Therapy, which have helped him with his pinched nerve in his back and his back pain. His back pain has now been reduced to where he can bend down to tie his shoes and his balance has improved as well so he doesn't have to worry about falling over. He has also been able to help his neighbor cut down a tree.


Rosie P. is originally from Brooklyn, New York but has been living here in Florida for several years now. She was experiencing numbness and tingling in her right leg for two months before she decided to go to the Trinity Spine Center. At the Trinity Spine Center, she was first seen by Dr. Hayes, one of two Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeons, who prescribed her medication to help reduce the inflammation in her back and to help reduce her right leg numbness and tingling as well. Dr. Hayes also referred her to Physical Therapy. After the Wellness Center opened, she decided to go there for her Physical Therapy to work on her lumbar CORE strength, her endurance and to help improve her ROM in her lumbar spine so that she could do more of her housework activities. Now, several weeks better, Rosie feels much better, stronger and is able to do more at home as she continues her Physical Therapy at the Wellness Center at the Trinity Spine Center.


Betty M. is a 65 year old woman who has had a long history of back pain and who underwent multiple back surgeries. In fact she has had back pain for most of her adult life. Prior to Betty coming to the Trinity Spine Center, she had received Spinal Injections which gave her some relief. But she never got rid of her back pain all together. Because of this back pain, Betty was restricted in doing anything that required any bending, twisting, lifting and/or standing for too long.


When Betty first came to the Trinity Spine Wellness Center she was using a cane to walk with and she had to wear a custom fit back brace to support her back after her recent back surgery. Betty has always had a positive attitude towards her recovery and has done very well since her last surgery by Dr. Victor Hayes, one of the Board Certified Spine Surgeons at the Trinity Spine Center. She came to the Wellness Center for her Physical Therapy treatments. During these treatments the focus was to improve her Spinal Core strength and endurance so that the patient would be able to support her spine using her muscles, instead of using her brace. After her treatment at the Wellness Center for Physical Therapy, she is now able to walk without a cane and she no longer needs a back brace. In addition, Betty now has very little back pain.


Matthew G. is a 36 year old local police officer who had been having back pain with numbness, tingling going into his right leg as well as back pain. So he elected to come to the Trinity Spine Center to hopefully avoid major spine surgery. When Mathew first came to the Trinity Spine Center, he was seen by Dr. F. Siddiqi, one of two Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeons who diagnosed him with Degenerative Disc Disease of the lower lumbar spine. Dr. F. Siddiqi explained to Matt how important it would be for him to strengthen his lumbar CORE in order for him to avoid major surgery but that he would still need the micro-discectomy surgery. So after Matthew had the micro-discectomy which was done by Dr. Siddiqi and Dr. Hayes (Our two surgeons always operate together), he had much less leg symptoms and was referred to the Wellness Center at the Trinity Spine Center. While at The Wellness Center, he worked with the clinicians there to help increase his CORE, his ergonomics and to help further reduce his symptoms. During his last visit with Dr. Siddiqi, he was released to full duty, while avoiding any major reconstructive surgery.


Ballard L. first came to the Trinity Spine Center when it was still located at Hawbuck Street, back in 2007. He was first seen and treated by Dr. Hayes, one of two Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeons at the Trinity Spine Center. When Ballard first went to the Trinity Spine Center, he was only able to walk a few blocks, with great pain and difficulty. Dr. Hayes diagnosed Ballard with Spinal Stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which may lead to pressure on the spinal cord in the areas of the narrowing, potentially causing leg pain, leg numbness, tingling etc. Dr. Hayes recommended that Ballard should take oral steroids to help reduce the inflammation and for him to get Physical Therapy. After Ballard was only making little progress with this conservative approach, Dr. Hayes suggested performing a lumbar fusion surgery on his lumbar spine, which was done in 2008. After this fusion surgery, Ballard has received Physical Therapy at the Wellness Center in the Trinity Spine Center and so he has been able to improve his leg strength, his Lumbar CORE strength which has allowed him to get up out of his chair easier and he has been able to walk better as well. He still suffers from his Spinal Stenosis, but he is better able to manage it.


Whether it's surgical or non-surgical, we have a great track record of getting patients feeling better quickly!

To hear how we can get you feeling better give us a call!


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