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Top procedures performed by experienced doctors

The MEND (Minimally-Invasive Endoscopic Discectomy) procedure, is a minimally invasive spine surgery which uses an endoscope to treat herniated, extruded, protruded or degenerative discs that contribute to leg or back pain. The endoscope lets the surgeon use a small incision to gain access to the herniated disc. This method allows less damage to tissue, less pain after the operation and much quicker recovery.

The greater viewpoint afforded by the MEND procedure helps you to heal more quickly and with less pain. A quicker recovery time will help you get back to your life and your family as soon as possible! We work hard to make sure you get better quickly and easily.

Greater accuracy to help you heal

With the MEND procedure, you can expect to resume light activity on the evening of your surgery and activity will be gradually increased while you are at home. The minimally invasive nature of the MEND procedure lowers the time needed for recovery and quickens your rehabilitation!

Quicker recovery time and rehabilitation

Our extensive experience with the MEND procedure will help you to heal faster and get on your feet more quickly!

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"Spine Surgery through only a ¼ inch incision without bone removal!"

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